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Eco-Friendly Safaris/Tours

"creating-change-one-small-step-at-a-time" nature is so beautiful..."

For registration, your company need to be Eco-Friendly/Enviromental friendly Safaris/Tours, where Lions are one of the main attractions and the tourists only observe these animals, in such a way, that the animals act totally natural in their natural habitat, as if no humans were present.

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Wildconnection Safaris Nairobi, Kenya Web Facebook e-mail
Wildconnection Safaris - Specialists in photographic and small groups, tailor made tours, all across east africa.
MarketConsult Keller - Irma Keller Germany Web Facebook e-mail
MarketConsult Keller - We are Safari consultants with a very dedicated and defined ethical approach towards wildlife, ecofriendliness in view to Camps and Lodges.

The cornerstone of "Lions-Wild". All those granted a free listing on "Lions-Wild", will be fully towards the protection of lions and against the hunting \ killing \ poaching \ poisoning \ trophy hunting of Lions. So in short, their actions will be pro-active towards the conservation of the remaining lions and their habitat, because they need an intact habitat where they can thrive without the growing pressures from human populations. (So, to conserve the "King of the African Jungle", we also need to conserve their intact habitat and all the other animals included in that habitat.) Pro-active and fully Eco-friendy tourism, with only cameras, is the way of the future.