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Important Articles regardig Lions

Links to info, to better understand, the fate that Lions* face and how to improve their survival.

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Date Description Page link
02/03/2010 2010 Q123-Lion bone exports(PDF)
02/03/2010 What's wrong with "sustainable use"?
01/03/2010 --- Canned Hunting Archive ---
01/03/2010 2009 Q265-Number of lions in captive breeding facilities(PDF)
01/03/2010 2008 Q307-Animals poached in national parks(PDF)
01/03/2010 2007 Q2054-Actual number animals hunted(PDF)
01/03/2010 The myth of trophy hunting as conservation PDF(as all links, found by me, to this file was broken, as the copies on the web was removed, but one search engine cached it, so here is a cache copy)


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