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Mighty Fine Art

In an aim to increase awareness towards lion conservation.


About Artist

Peter Williams is an entirely self taught UK artist, working out of his studio on the Suffolk coast where he lives with his long term partner Jenny. Moving there in 2005 he expected to make his living from local landscapes and coastal scenes. However looking for a more niche area of the art market and having always had an interest in the great outdoors he decided to exploit his passion for wildlife as well as the old West and Native America. He hasn't looked back since.

Whether creating his stunning and highly detailed photo-realistic graphite images, blending diffused watercolours or working with any other media, there is always confident composition, intricate detail, dramatic movement and unique vibrancy which produces attractive and highly collectible art work.

With a strong on-line presence and multiple solo exhibitions each year, he has developed a large following of collectors and enthusiasts from all continents, new work being sought after as demand outstrips productivity.

Short listed for the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist Of The Year award 2010 his paintings have also been published in some of Dorling Kindersley's watercolour workshop books and featured in many UK publications.

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