-Conservation starts with education and sharing of information-

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It is important that you understand clearly, the creation of lions-wild &, in an aim to try and create the most complete online information database all about lions and hoping in time to help set a new standard.

"Conservation starts with education and sharing of information"

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The year 2010, the creation of a new chapter in the history of Lions, helping their conservation and promoting harmony between humans and these Majestic Lions, as it was meant to be.

If we want to save lions, then we need to clearly understand why they are important as top predators in Africa. This does not exclude lions from other parts of the world, as they are also important. has no aim to cash-in on or make money, so all those that qualify for free listing will be totally free and at no cost to them.

There are hondreds and maybe even thousands of sites on the www that are also all about lions, but each only give you a one-sided view of lions. If you really want to make a difference, then you need the full and clear picture, before you make your choice.

As conservation is maybe 10% clear and 90% unclear, when it comes to lions and their intact habitat, it is important to investigate that 90% and find the truth.

To all those interested in listing on "Lions-Wild", the rules are simple and very clear. If you qualify for a listing or listings, all those listings will be totally free of charge..(All to improve awareness of Lions) All we ask is that you are 110% for the conservation of lions and their habitat. You can visit Read more about "how to register" and read more.

You can read more about our Project and you can track our progress.


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