-Conservation starts with education and sharing of information-

Our Viewpoint

"First they IGNORE You, then they LAUGH at You, then they FIGHT You, then You WIN." -Mahatma Gandhi

The View of Lions-Wild: The education of humanity is very important, as to ensure a better understanding between humans and Lions. It is very important to educate all people in the great importance of saving lions and their habitat, as they are part of the ecology. It is of great importance to conserve the remaining lions and their habitat, because they need an intact habitat where they can thrive without the growing pressures from human populations.

How can you be helpful?

1. You can become pro-active.

2. You can read more about Lions and find ways to involve your friends.

3. Join and visit your local zoo or conservation areas near you.

4. Invite your local Nature conservation officer to your school, so they can explain to you and your friends more about how important Lions are in the African ecosystem.

Enough damage has been done, up to the end of 2009.


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